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Precision Engineered Machining.


That’s what NORTHWOODS USA can accomplish for you. Certain precision is reached by employing years of acquired knowledge and skills inside the disciplines of design and process engineering. It is at the heart of our operations. To create what we engineer, we’ve built a facility housing high-end CNC Milling and Turning centers providing the backbone of our manufacturing capabilities.


It is important to note, NORTHWOODS USA is a company that loves a challenge, we thrive on the tougher projects, that is where we can show our engineering skills and test the boundaries. If there is a better way to manufacture it…we will uncover it.


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Capabilities and Quality

With proficiency in the latest cutting-edge software from PTC ProEngineer Creo and Mastercam, NORTHWOODS USA possesses expertise to make what was once a customer’s desire, into the most effective manufacturing process. We can create your design from a napkin sketch, or take your design and help you improve it – this is the NORTHWOODS Re-Engineering affect.

We house a suite of offices with a manufacturing floor running late model Haas CNC Machine Centers and other specialized equipment such as CNC Vertical Milling and Turning stations. Professional operators are seasoned and strive to push the equipment to accommodate often challenging designs that have been given the NORTHWOODS USA approval for innovation.


NORTHWOODS USA is currently ISO 9001:2015 compliant with complete Certification anticipated by mid-2019. Simply put, NORTHWOODS USA is a QUALITY and SOLUTIONS focused company. We want to partner with our customers and consistently provide the best customer service experience in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome any inquiry to explain our capability-set further, but here are several answers to frequently asked questions:

Is NORTHWOODS USA primarily an engineering-design house or do you provide full manufacturing capabilities, as well?

We perform both. We created our Company to give every customer more options in order to realize their project‘s greatest integrity. Why not allow each customer solid “peace of mind” knowing their parts are designed and engineered with Design for Manufacturability studies first, employing Process Design and Quality Initiatives, all with the consistent goal for Ease in Manufacturing in order to lesson costs and meet stringent delivery deadlines. To us, it makes more sense to provide a more complete product and service offering; especially over one or the other. A “cellular” one-piece flow makes the most sense to us. All pre-conceived and agreed-to Process Details can be monitored to exact specifications. By utilizing a shop like ours, many customers have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over using several specialty shops.

Can NORTHWOODS USA make parts of most any size, shape or material?

We are a true full-service shop. While micro-machining and even nano-machining can be accomplished, the size restrictions are minimal. We are primarily a metal manufacturer able to work with most any metal alloy or special material necessary to complete the job correctly, as it was designed and intended to perform.

Does NORTHWOODS USA position itself as mainly a Prototype house with short-run production, or can you build parts in higher quantities, or in longer-run productions?

Both. Often, our abilities in design and process engineering will require prototypes for testing, making certain the efficacy and integrity of the design stands-up to whatever scrutiny necessary. We can easily accomplish this in lots of 1, 2, 3 or a short-run. NORTHWOODS USA will often perform long-run production and provide various inventory options such as JIT or Kanban, as well.

Can you tell me more about your Engineering and Production offering?

In the world today, there is more innovation taking place than at the height of the Industrial Revolution of the 20th Century. Our customers find a niche at NORTHWOODS USA that surround abilities to take something that may be just an idea, and make it come to life. There are different phases of design and process engineering, as we all know. A3, FMEA, VSM, PPAP, Control Planning, it all takes place here. Understanding how to use the most pliable yet comprehensive software around, along with innate abilities to maneuver through the manufacturing processes, all while knowing how certain materials may react, or not react…that takes talent, acquired knowledge and an inherent drive for success. We work with a variety of materials such as Alloy Steel (4140 PH/A, 8620 and Stainless Steel), Cast Iron (Grey, Ductile, Austempered and CGI), and even Exotics (Titanium and Inconel). Basic materials include Ferrous, (all Carbon Free Machining Steels), Non-Ferrous (Aluminum and Brass), and a variety of Plastics (UHMW, HDPE, NYLON, DELRIN, ABS and PVC).

Why choose NORTHWOODS USA over other manufacturing companies?

We think the answer to this question is quite simple. Peace of Mind.

We treat your project with the same importance as you do. It’s your project on the line and it’s our reputation. We enjoy a good challenge. As a matter of fact, we thrive on what some may call “the tough stuff”. We will do everything in our power to find an answer, and not just any answer, the best answer. That’s using real Engineering knowledge and our years of solid experience helping customers succeed in the Powersports, Motorsports, Agricultural and Commercial markets.

We aim to exceed expectations. In order to perform at that level, we have created a facility rich with capability, but even more abundant with desire. Let us show you how “elite” does not mean “expensive”.

Sure, engineering expertise is at the forefront of our operation, but everything that happens after that is here, as well. We’ve shortened the supply-chain while broadening the possibilities…down to the details. Call us, we will show you.

How Does Precision and Engineering Relate to Machining?

That’s a great question. As we all know, there are so many machining companies all around the nation, ready and willing to accept your project by making a part to your specs. We can do that, too! But, we believe true engineering capability must go deeper than being able to read an existing CAD drawing and quite possibly creating something that simply won’t work or takes forever to make. Our priority has always been ENGINEERING…FIRST. Placing such a high-value and importance on making something good…better; that is how precision is reached, as well. We strive to see your successful project as a greater certainty. And we do that through emphasizing engineering and design effectiveness…then we employ the expert machining.



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