Customer Should Know

The Value Proposition; Our Process, Explained.



NORTHWOODS USA, our employees and everything we stand for and accomplish is not, and never will be “cookie-cutter”. There are enough shops like that around.

From the start, it was in our DNA to be different. Our charge is to provide a new-form of customer experience and to enable our customers with a decisive sense of value. We want every customer to internalize that their experience with NORTHWOODS USA is unique, trustworthy and valued.

How is this accomplished?

Let’s talk about the PROCESS…it’s personal, from the start, and we feel it should be treated that way. You’re running a business and we know you’re busy, demands are on you, your needs are often unknown and you’re looking for answers. In a business sense, what could be more personal? We feel the best way to approach this is with a mind-set that encompasses one true goal, that being…a solid, believable and justifiable pathway to success. And, all along that road, let’s be professional, transparent, quality-driven, highly motivated and focused on the result. Let’s build trust, let’s follow-through and always place a high-priority on being creative, innovative, thought-driven and straight-forward.


We think, the value in working with a company like NORTHWOODS USA starts and ends with great engineering expertise. Most everything we accomplish for our customers surrounds the exceptional knowledge and abilities we possess inside cutting-edge, modern, technologically-driven engineering principles. And, here is a good place to explain our process.


Our initial consultations are more than a simple introduction. Asking the right questions will help get us to the place where a comprehensive and competitive Quotation can be extended. That’s the goal. We perform these important tasks better and faster, because we can, and quite frankly, we’ve all been on your side of the table and waiting patiently for a simple Quotation is not a valuable trait in any process.




Once we’ve decided your project and our Company is a good fit, we go to work. We assign Project Managers and Engineers to your specific account, consider them your personal assistants, they will know exactly what is happening with your project from the moment we begin, to the moment delivery is confirmed and every step in-between – in real-time.


As we have stated, engineering is a mainstay of our business-model and nothing is spared inside those all important steps. If you have predetermined drawings, no problem; we will take every element of the pre-determined manufacturing process and evaluate its attributes. If anything is found to be a better way to manufacture, we will uncover that and discuss it with you. Should your project have nothing to build upon, we will do that for you using our exceptional engineering–rich process management and cutting-edge software. Our goal will be the same, comprehensive drawings or not, uncovering the best process points to realize a working prototype will be the consistent goal. Of course, inside those movements will be material and machining selection which always assist us with determining a timetable for delivery.


Our quality initiatives will also assist in making sure your project is manufactured with the utmost of care and attention to detail. We believe in quality and proficiency. Being an engineering-driven manufacturer better enables that kind of mind-set.


In our FAQ section, a question is asked, “What makes NORTHWOODS USA different from other manufacturers”? Our answer states, “Peace of mind”. Our goal to bring noticeable value to every customer comes from that awareness. Partnering with us, can bring that very important feeling, knowing every element of the manufacturing process has been considered and individually evaluated. What we produce for you will be the best option combining expert material selection for the intended use of the project part, a scalable and proficient process determination and a quality-check system that leaves nothing to question. Follow that with a commitment for delivery or inventory and you have the equation for peace of mind and the beginnings of a long, lasting and valued partnership.