Values, Vision and the Future

It’s been said, if you don’t know where you are, it’s hard knowing where you’re headed. Every success story coming out of NORTHWOODS USA is born from very important values and visions.


We know who we are, and have a steady vision of where we’re headed. You’re all invited to come along.


Here, everyone benefits, our employees, suppliers, vendors, families, communities…and most importantly, our valued customers; and this is why:


Our Vision of Today and Tomorrow

Relentlessly and continuously pushing the limits of CNC Machining Technology and rewarding our customers with consistently successful and innovative solutions to challenging objectives.


Our Mission

NORTHWOODS USA will consistently provide Precision Engineered Manufacturing using state-of-the-art software and machine tools operated by highly-skilled professionals. The Company will utilize a disciplined and engineered approach for all projects through a commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in customer service.


Our Quality Commitment

We the People of NORTHWOODS USA, pledge our personal and professional commitment to fully understand, meet and by all means possible, exceed our customers’ requirements through the continuous improvement of our engineering and manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to delivering creative, engineered solutions to meet the most challenging requirements, defect-free, on-time and at the most competitive pricing possible.